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Additional pet products and services for vets

As part of our growing service we are gradually adding new product presentation videos to the VetExchange website, where we will be explaining the benefits of our award winning exclusive vetrinary product range for cats and dogs.

Whether it's our low cost Easypill range which offers the veterinary practice a choice of liver support, joint support and gastric support amongst others, or our Novederm Advanced Dermatalogical Range, offering effective otic solutions with wide safety margins including a range of soothing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal wipes as well as conditioning shampoos; the highly palatable pet products range available to purchase at VetExchange offers a totally satisfying experience for both you and your client.

With more than 30 years experience and a thorough dedication to service, we have supported thousands of vets around the UK; so we truly believe that VetExchange is perfectly placed to offer both expert advice and CPD training to those new to the Vetrinary trade, and top quality easy to administer animal products - plus our VIP Vets also benefit from the exclusivity of minimal online sales.

Please visit our Registration Page if you wish to join our VIP Vets Club, where you will find more information and our Vet Registration Form to apply.

"No Mess, No Stress!"

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