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Since 2012 VetExchange has grown to offer a range of innovative products designed to increase an animal’s health and well-being for both our clients and pet owners alike.  We work with a group of specialist manufacturers to offer high quality products new to the veterinary market; each offering a unique benefit to the industry. We can assure all our veterinary clients that each and every product we invest in is carefully chosen to provide first class care of their clients animals. 

Our EasyPill product line was introduced to the veterinary market in 2014 and has grown in use ever since. Its extreme palatability and efficacy has not only made it one of the most aesthetically pleasing products to use but is based on good scientific grounds to offer pet owners effective results every time.

Last year we introduced NovaDerm a range of advanced veterinary dermatological products ranging from safe reliable otic solutions, soothing wipes and curative shampoo's designed to manage virtually all skin conditions.

Why Choose VetExchange?

Dedicated to providing innovative products...

Passionate about increasing an animal’s health and well-being...

Over 50 years combined experience...

Extensive knowledge of the latest dermatological methods...

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Our Team

Simon Chopping

Commercial Director

I have been involved with the veterinary profession for over 27 years and enjoy every minute. I love the idea that we bring to the market products that we truly believe in and that offer very specific benefits.


I am married to Belinda and live in Norfolk with our dog Reckless and Dragon Barbie. I enjoy music and riding my motorbikes when I get time. 

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