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Our products speak for themselves….

Image by Marliese Streefland

'One of our patients had become very difficult to tablet and was requiring to come into the surgery twice a day to receive her pain medication, we trialled easy pill cat putty and had great success.  She now comes running to her owners when the little silver packet is produced and eats the pill in putty without any problems, meaning she can stay at home and still be pain free.'

~ Vetinary Practice, Cambridgeshire ~

"My cat suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease, and I had tried and failed to tempt her with other brands of phosphate binder. She was very anguished by the syringing of medication, and it stressed us both out. When I heard about Easypill Kidney I decided it was worth a try but wasn't expecting too much. I couldn't have been more wrong, my cat loves the Easypill Kidney and thinks it is a treat. She never lets me forget her tablet time every evening, and it a pleasure for us both to medicate her in this way."

~ Paula RVN Head Nurse, Norfolk ~

“Just thought I’d let you know that about 20 minutes after you left, we gave a sample of the EasyPill Cat to a client who’s been struggling to tablet her 23 year old cat. She gave me a call 10 minutes later to tell me that it’s a miracle product! So we’ve already had one very satisfied customer!!”

~ Amy RVN Nurse, Surrey ~

"Missy is a fairly wild and very opinionated cat and to date various attempts to get worming tablets into her have failed. I can't hold her and get them down her throat and, if put into food, she spits them out. So it's a vet job on the whole.

I put a couple of bits of easypill first, she was suspicious of the first then ate them with gusto."

~ Marianne Pet Owner ~

This product is brilliant - my cat has to take 3 tablets a day and administering them was stressful both for him and me! He loves this product and now regards it as a treat - so he is getting his medication and feels he is being treated pretty well. It's so good my other cat who doesn't need medication also wants some. So goodbye to scratches and fights and hello to one very contented owner.


Hilary Williams Pet Owner



My wife and I have three cross Maine Coon / Norwegian Forest male cats - Spike, Ozzie & Leo (All related) who are on their way to their 8th birthday. Giving medication to our cats has always been a very traumatic experience, especially having to wrap them in a towel or blanket while using an oral syringe to administer three different types of cardiac medication daily.

Plus an extra dose of one of the medicines daily. Obviously this process was very high risk for a cat with post stroke / blood clot syndrome plus an enlarged heart. Through our veterinary practice we became aware of “EasyPill” and the practice provided us with a sample pack that they had from “VetExchange”. We used a small of EasyPill material to disguise / hide each medication and offered it to Spike on the palm of our hand. He was very interested in the “EasyPill” containing his medication and ate it immediately. Now a week later with “EasyPill” what was previously a very difficult, two person operation that traumatised Spike, has become an easy and pleasant experience for all. What a difference this has made for my wife and I and more importantly to Spike as either one of us can quickly & easily administer his medication with the aid of “EasyPill”.

An excellent result for all concerned, after our experience we very positively recommend “EasyPill”.


B. Cox Pet Owner Buckinghamshire


I first came across the easy pill a few months back when a rep had brought some samples into our practice, back in February this year my cat was diagnosed with Pancreatitis and has been having daily meds, I have been putting them straight into his mouth which he doesn't really appreciate but with my cat being not only very fussy but also very spoilt, I cannot possibly get him to take tablets any other way.

The samples were on my desk at work and I had a read of the leaflet and thought, has got to be worth a try?  My goodness I could not believe my eyes, my cat top fuss pot, ate not one but two tablets stuffed tightly into a piece of the easy pill.

I thought won’t eat that again, well he did and I have now purchased at least four or five bags of them, I have passed on a packet to my sister-in-law that owns a cattery and sell and advertise them in practice all because my cat likes them. They are amazing.


Donna Lewis RVN Practice Manager



My greyhound Della was always easy to tablet, she has worming and joint tablets, you held her mouth open, popped the tablet in and she swallowed it..easy!! But then she had to have all her teeth removed due to dental disease and tableting became a bit of a nightmare.


Due to her lack of teeth, I found it impossible to open her mouth. I started to hide her tablets in her food, but all she did was ate around the tablets or spat them on the floor, eventually this led to her not eating her food at all because she knew there was a tablet in there!!


I then tried wrapping tablets in ham or peanut butter and feed them as treats, she soon clocked on and dropped it on the floor and ate the ham/peanut butter and left the soggy tablets on the floor!! This also led her to not take any treats from us as she thought we were giving her tablets


Then I was recommended Easypill Cat Putty and my tableting fears disappeared!! It is so easy to use, you mould a small amount of the putty around the tablets so they are completely covered, I can now add them to her food and she eats them with no problems!! I absolutely love the Easypill Cat Putty!!


Lauren RVN Veterinary Nurse




I am very happy to tell you the absolute truth that the product is extremely effective and very easy to use. I was dreading trying to get our food-fussy cat to take tablets but wrapping them in EasyPill Kidney support cat "putty" has been fuss-free and easy! Such a relief. So thank you very very much for this excellent product.


Ann Lloyd Pet Owner




I used Easypill Putty for Cats when one of my cats had to have a tablet every day for several months. We started out in the usual way – a two man job trying to get a tablet down Freddie’s throat – awful for Freddie and for us. He had come from the Cat Protection group and I happened to mention about the tablet giving to the lady who had fostered Freddie for a year before we had him and she suggested Easypill. I had never heard of it but tracked it down easily on the internet. After that every pill was easily eaten by Freddie. I gave some to my Vet who tried it with his own cat and now stocks it in his surgery.  I would always recommend Easypill to anyone who has to give medication to their pet.


Julia Pet Owner



My cat has chronic kidney disease and is very fussy with her food.  She has recently had to start medication to reduce her blood pressure. The thought of having to tablet my cat every day absolutely filled me with dread and I tablet cats everyday (I'm a registered veterinary nurse). I was persuaded by the vetexchange team to try their kidney treats. I was very skeptical and really did not think they would be any good.  I was wrong. These treats are an absolute miracle. My cat loves them and follows me round the house every morning. Giving a tablet has never been so easy. I am so thankful for these tablets and now recommend their product range where appropriate. The team at VetExchange are also really helpful and ready to answer questions about any of their products. Thank you.


Lorna Butt RVN




This is the best thing I have ever tried for getting tablets into my cats. All the years of crushing tablets up etc etc-wonderful!! Caroline Dobbin

Pet Owner (Facebook) My elderly cat Cleo has to have 6 tablets a day and it is always difficult to find different treats to put them in, however when I used Easy Pill I couldn't give them to her fast enough, it certainly takes the stress out of pill giving for us both.


Sally West Owner



I just want to say thank you so much for bringing us easy pill. It truly is the best purchase I have ever made! My cat, Adolf was diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy and hyperthyroidism in February and I was devastated. Since that time he's been prescribed a battery of assorted medication, and its been a constant battle ever since trying to administer all the tablets. We tried fresh chicken, tuna, cheese, Brussels pate and sardines, all to no avail. We've hid them in every catfood on the market and it was always hit and miss whether he would find them (more often than not he would and after that, he'd refuse to eat anymore of the food). Strangely enough he has a sweet tooth, so we tried them sprinkled in single cream, in pieces of banoffee muffin and even m&s new york cheesecake, but again, it would work once or twice and then he'd catch on to the subterfuge! The pill popper was also a disaster so I was absolutely distraught as clearly given the serious nature of his health condition, it really is vital he receives his medication. Adding to the problem was that, as he could taste the medication in his food, he began to lose his appetite until he was eventually hardly eating at all. So in desperation, I searched the internet and discovered easy pill on the petdrugsonline website. I ordered a pack of four but wasn't hopeful, knowing how Adolf can sniff out his tablets at twenty paces, but from day one, he's never missed a pill. In fact, he absolutely adores the putty and has never even noticed that the 'little tasty treats' are actually his medication! So, thank you so much for bringing us this amazing stuff.


Best wishes,


Jane Roberts  Owner

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