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the easypill concept

Offering a wide range of nutritional support

Unique Pliable Composition

Extreme palatability individually adapted for both cat and dog

High efficacy through quality materials

Reducing owner stress through ease of administration

Provides rewarding owner experience

Increases pet owner bonding

increase client satisfaction

An innovative and highly palatable pliable formula EasyPill has been specifically adapted to the particular taste of both cat and dog. The cold process technology used to produce the entire range guarantees the preservation of the active substances. This encourages the spontaneous uptake by the pet and ensures an easy less stressful way to administer medication thus increasing client compliance and client satisfaction.

wide range of support

The EasyPill nutraceutical range supports administration, kidney and liver disease, gastric upset, convalescence, joint support, hairball elimination,  intestinal transit and L-Lysine. Furthermore the concept will also allow the owner to combine treatment regimes in order to gain maximum compliance and resolution of treatment.

new innovative support

 NEW PRO—RESOLVIN  STEP - A new active step in the inflammatory process has recently been brought to light. The pro-resolving step leads to trigger the active termination of the inflammatory process.  Resolution is an active step which follows the anti-inflammatory step involved with the termination of inflammation.


NEW ALPHA-STOP -.Providing support within a dietary weight management program EasyPill Alpha-Stop contains a white bean extract which will promote the inhibition of the alpha-amylase enzyme thereby reducing the potential for carbohydrate absorbtion. .  Furthermore Alpha-Stop can be used alongside all foods including those of a dietary nature