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Advanced Dermatological range
Part of the Vet Exchange highly palatable pet products range.

Introduced in 2019 we brought NovaDerm dermatological products to the UK due to the exceptional quality of these products. Our otic products offers wide safety margins, effective support and aesthetically very pleasing to use.  Our wipes maintain their moisture to the end of use with the TrisEDTA wipe based on a natural fibre. All our shampoo's are not only well designed but again smell amazing and leave the coat in an amazing condition. 



Offering a wide range of dermatological support

Effective otic solutions with wide safety margins

A range of soothing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal wipes 

Cleansing wipes preventing tear and saliva stains.

Conditioning shampoo's with extremely pleasant aroma's

Dual Packs offering even greater value

Minimal online sales - vet exclusivity

Our NovaDerm range has been designed and developed by Spanish Company VetNova founded in 2007 in Madrid by veterinarians and made for veterinarians, dedicated to the Health and Wellbeing of Companion Animals and Horses. 
Their Glycozoo otic solution is one of the leading otic solutions in Spain and in certain areas such as fungal conditions used as the number one product of choice. They have further developed products such as TrisEDTA which includes additional benefits over some common competitors and added value by producing some unique aspects such as non synthetic wipes.
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