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Precision Microbe

Probiotic & Postbiotic

We all know that many dogs suffer from digestive upset and that controlling the gut health for all pets is beneficial and essential. Long term gut health is effectively the very focus we are looking with Precision Microbes. Not only can we speak of a high speed of action but also true benefits of improving long term gut health. Unlike any other probiotic on the market today this pro and postbiotic rapidly reacts to start working fast and within a matter of hours. 

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Closeup of a Black Dog
Closeup of a Black Dog
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digestive upsets

The Precision Microbes Probiotic & Postbiotic for Cats and Dogs is a Complementary Dietetic Feed and is a licensed, Vet supervised, Supportive Care Product, ideal for gut stabilization and relief from digestive disturbance in pets. With good gut microbes key to intestinal health and immune function, the team at Precision Microbes has combined research and cutting-edge science in developing their new pet products. With inflammation or dysbiosis, we want to quickly repair gut function and induce healing to restore gut stabilization. This is a rapid acting product containing both live probiotics, in a pH controlled dormant state, and their all-important postbiotic metabolites, including short-chain fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes, bacteriocins and enterocins, organic plant extracts and organic acids. By using this product, more rapid relief can be seen when compared to competing freeze dried/powdered products available on the market. This product is available through your veterinary practice.


Many of our pets will get infections in their lifetimes that require antibiotic treatments. We know that antibiotics while effective at killing pathogens they can also kill the good bacteria in our pet’s intestines. To overcome this challenge pet owners can supplement their pets with our unique liquid probiotic and postbiotic solution during the period your pet is on antibiotics. This ensures good gut health while your pet is on antibiotics. It is important to stagger our liquid product at a different time to when the oral antibiotics are being administered. This means leaving at least 2 hours between the oral antibiotic and the precision product. It is administered at a dose rate of 1ml/kg and you can talk to your own veterinary surgeon about this. We recommend that the probiotics are continued for at least two weeks post antibiotic treatment to ensure optimal gut health, immunity, and digestive function.

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Dog Running

healthy pets

Probiotics for a healthy life. We know that 70% of immune function is based in the digestive system of our pets. Having a healthy microbiome with good bacteria is essential for this. It is these billions of microbes (good bacteria) and a healthy gut microbiome that plays a key role in good digestive and immune function. A healthy microbiome of good bacteria is critical for optimal digestive function. These good bacteria act locally and create metabolites that interact with our intestinal cells. These metabolites are postbiotics which include Short-chain fatty acids (butyrate propionate and acetate), Vitamins, Enzymes, Bacteriocins, Organic Plant Extracts and Organic acids. Our unique liquid product contains both high levels of the right probiotics and postbiotics. This ensures we have the key ingredients to promote and ensure good digestive function for healthier pets.

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