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Below you will find a number of products relating to our livestock product lines. These are all based around our latest product launch Precision Microbes "livestock" for both pig and cattle.


piglet ags 

Advanced Gut Stabiliser 300ml This is a pre, pro and postbiotic for very young pigs. It comes in a 300ml bottle. The prebiotic within this product has an effect in targeting against E.coli. • Every newborn pig can be given 2ml at birth where there is an E. coli challenge. The pro and postbiotics will support good gut health in the newborn pig. • This product can also be targeted at hospital pens and very sick pigs at a dose rate of 1ml per kg for 3-5 days.


pig pro & postbiotic

As a complete change in the biome of pig farming working from the Sow down to the new born piglet. Making changes from the top down to reduce litter deaths, reduce antibiotic use and increasing overall immunity of the pig.


calf compplimentary feed

Coming soon.

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