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Want to improve your pet owner's compliance and ensure their pet gets the treatment they require?

VetExchange can help your clients gain better uptake and resolution through our EasyPill nutrition and NovaDerm dermatological lines. 



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Our focus at VetExchange from the moment we opened our doors, has always been on promoting Veterinary products which assist the Veterinary profession in gaining positive results.


Through discussion and dialogue, we understand that the profession requires veterinary products that are efficacious and designed to encourage pet owners to meet their compliance obligations.


Therefore we seek out veterinary products that offer exceptional nutritional and dermatological advantages for animals, with the benefit of straightforward, rewarding methods of administration. 


Why Choose VetExchange?

Dedicated to providing innovative products...

Passionate about increasing an animal’s health and well-being...

Over 50 years combined experience...

Extensive knowledge of the latest dermatological methods...

Trained Sales and Customer Service Staff ready

to assist you with any need or service

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Quality Nutritional Supplements Offering excellent efficacy with high palatbility.

Our range of nutrional supplements provides support in administration, hairball, kidney, liver, joint support, natural anti-inflammatory, GI disorders (diarrhoea) and constipation.

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Precision Microbes - pro & postbiotic with the fastest action of any probiotic. Providing excellent daily support and wellbeing for any pet.

Cardiak Care -  Complete Formula with Synergistic Effect to Support the Cardiac Function in an Oral Solution

Clunia - Solution for Daily Oral Hygiene that Helps to Control Dental Plaque Formation, Appearance of Tartar and Neutralize Halitosis


A range of products offering safe, effective relief from ear and skin conditions.​

With highly effective, safe anti-fungal & anti-bacterial otic (ear) solutions, moist and soothing skin wipes and a wonderful range of pleasant shampoos.


My cat has chronic kidney disease and is very fussy with her food.  She has recently had to start medication to reduce her blood pressure. The thought of having to tablet my cat every day absolutely filled me with dread and I tablet cats everyday (I'm a registered veterinary nurse). I was persuaded by the vetexchange team to try their kidney treats. I was very skeptical and really did not think they would be any good.  I was wrong. These treats are an absolute miracle. My cat loves them and follows me round the house every morning. Giving a tablet has never been so easy. I am so thankful for these tablets and now recommend their product range where appropriate. The team at VetExchange are also really helpful and ready to answer questions about any of their products. Thank you.

Laura, RGN

Dog & Cat Pals
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