One of our patients had become very difficult to tablet and was requiring to come into the surgery twice a day to receive her pain medication, we trialled easy pill cat putty and had great success.  She now comes running to her owners when the little silver packet is produced and eats the pill in putty without any problems, meaning she can stay at home and still be pain free.

Rachel  RVN Nurse


EasyPill Nutritional Supplements
SANIMED Quality Pet Food
NovaDerm range of dermatalogical products
No Mess No stress when 
tableting your pet!

The EasyPill concept is the answer to the recurring problem of poor administration of medication encountered by both veterinary surgeons and owners alike.  As a highly palatable pliable formula the EasyPill has been specifically adapted to  the particular taste of both cat and dog. Easy to use and allowing the pet owner to medicate their pet without stress or fuss the EasyPill concept increases client satisfaction and compliance!

sanimed a natural 
choice for every Pet

SANIMED Veterinary 
Nutrition embraces scientific 
knowledge through the effectiveness 
of proven nutrition and diet therapy.
SANIMED "Complete Lifestyle" offers a totally natural high quality lifestage food designed to provide the very best in nutrition from Puppy and Kitten to Adult and Senior pet ages.  SANIMED Prescription range 
is developed with high quality 
natural ingredients that have proven 
their effectiveness and is tailored 
to the specific characteristics of 
various disorders.


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