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 Testimonials both Video and Text

sally and willows 

Their story on using Precision Microbes 

Sally Holt talks about the huge transformation she has seen in her ten-year-old Shepard Willow. Willow had ongoing issues with EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) which she was being treated for.

Clare and Patton

Their story on using Precision Microbes 

Clare is a RVN Nurse at a local independent practice in Norfolk. After her vet suggested Precision Microbes she and Patton have not looked back.

olivia o gorman

Pet Owner Testimonial

We are delighted to introduce our very first long-term Precision pets user Olivia O Gorman and her two little boys Hunter and Cooper.

Listen to her story about using our unique liquid probiotics and postbiotic solution.

Tim and Eve

Pet Owner Testimonial

When Tim started Eve on Precision Microbes after Eve had suffered low condition for several years the results speak for themselves. Hear Tim's story of how Precision Microbes helped Eve.  


Pet Owner Testimonial

The story of Kati and Kai

Listen to the story of Kati and her greyhound Kai. Kati rescued Kai and discovered he had severe IBS. While she had full work-ups and tried dietary solutions, six months ago, she found Precision microbes liquid probiotics and postbiotic solution. She describes her experiences as life-changing. After a couple of weeks, she saw that Kai, who had chronic IBS began to improve. Firstly it was his stools and a reduction in diarrhea incidence. Then week by week, he had regular motions; Kai began to put on weight and now is a very happy dog on his daily dose of Precision Microbes. Talk to your vet today about a game changer in gut health for pets Precision Microbes. Kati would say it’s a “life-changer.”

Timaru Rescue Kennels

Listen to Vanula from Timaru

Listen to the response and benefit Timaru Greyhound rescue centre found when beginning to use Precision Microbes.

We recommend that all Rescue Centers should be utilizing the benefit of this product for the dogs in their care!

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