SANIMED Weight Reduction Cat






High Satiety
The treatment of obesity is based on creating a negative energy balance. This means the reduction of food intake and/
or promotion of increased activity for the pet. This is made easier by SANIMED Weight Reduction by supplying lower 
amounts of food energy. The diet food has a low energy value which is achieved by its low fat content and a high content 
of raw fibre in the form of cellulose. For this reason SANIMED offers a high satiety level, which contributes to evoking a 
feeling of satisfaction. It can also be applied for weight control and can be fed indefinitely.

Joint Support
Obesity is a major factor in the reduction of joint mobility in cats. There is a high likelihood that weight loss will reduce the 
symptoms. To support this effect SANIMED Weight Reduction is enriched with salmon oil and gelatin hydrolysate.

Diabetes mellitus
SANIMED Weight Reduction is rich in raw fibre and can therefore be used in cats with diabetes mellitus, whether obese or

not. A high intake of raw fibre has various positive effects in cats with diabetes mellitus. As the required value of insulin

decreases, the glucose level is lowered and thereby also the concentration of glycosylated haemoglobin

SANIMED Weight Reduction is available in packs of 100 gram (pouch), 1.5 kg and 4.5 kg. 


SANIMED Weight Reduction contains a large amount of raw fibre, in addition to its high protein and low carbohydrate content. Consequently, blood sugar levels are more easily controlled. It is therefore important that the daily insulin doses are adapted to the use of SANIMED Weight Reduction.

Feeding schedule

The nutrition plan below is an indication of the amount of food to be given. Nutrition plans are based on averages. For this reason always pay close attention to the condition of your cat and adapt the amount of food accordingly.

Feeding schedule SANIMED Weight Reduction dry food