The formulation of Resolvin Convalescence combines Omega 3 (DHA) and Meadowsweet in order to activate the pathway of biosynthesis of the pro-resolving mediators.  It has been shown that the synthesis of pro-resolving mediators assimilates an effect similar to pain relief.  This product can be used in any situation where inflammation can occur and is often considered in times where trauma , in the form of scarring, is likely to occur.

INGREDIENTS: Micronized chicken meal, glycerine, pregelatinized rice starch, pork-by product, fish oil (Omega DHA) Meadowsweet flowering top, glucose syrup (Dog), sodium chloride.

INGREDIENT VALUES PER PELLET: (Cat)  Meadowsweet  40mg  Omega 3  32mg   DHA  25MG  Vitamin  E  0.6 mg                                           


INGREDIENT VALUES PER PORTION: (Dog)  Meadowsweet  480mg  Omega 3  112mg   DHA  92MG  Vitamin  E  1.2mg

ADMINSTRATION: DOG  0.5 portion per day per 10kg  CAT  1 pellet per day for  40 days                                                 


PACK SIZE: DOG Box containing  6  divisible bars  of 28g   CAT  30 x 2g  Pellets