EasyPill Smectite supports the reduction of acute intestinal disorders through the use of Smectite Green Bentonite Clay. Highly absorbent (800m2/g) Smectite also contains high quality proteins, highly digestible fibers and electrolytes.

INGREDIENTS: Bentonite (285 000mg/kg) , Micronized chicken meal, monopropylene glycol, glycerine, pregelatinized rice starch, pork-by product, duck fat, potassium chloride (2%), sodium chloride (1.5%).   


INGREDIENT VALUES PER PELLET: (Cat) Bentonite  570mg    Antioxidants  26mg       


INGREDIENT VALUES PER PORTION: (Dog)   Bentonite  1140mg  Antioxidants  53mg

ADMINSTRATION:  DOG 1 portion twice per day per 12 kg  CAT  2 pellets per day for 5 days 


PACK SIZE: DOG Box containing  6  divisible bars  of 28g   CAT  20 x 2g  Pellets