Terms and Conditons for Veterinary Clients

  1. We accept that we will be given 30 days credit from the beginning of each month and that payment of all invoices for each month will be made by BACS within 7 days thereafter.


  1. We accept that should failure of payment for each month not be received then VetExchange will have the right to withhold any further deliveries until payment is received in full.


  1. VetExchange will provide free delivery on all orders over £30 except where those orders are outside the UK. All orders received below £30 will be subject to a delivery charge of £2.99


  1. Once registered a practice may be able to order direct deliveries to their clients however all orders must be emailed and accepted by VetExchange and once accepted the practice is contractually bound to purchase the product whether received or not (accept in cases of failure of delivery by the courier).  All email orders are bound by these teerms and conditions and the responsibility of the sender.


  1. VetExchange will not be held liable for any delays in delivery under force majeure, clerical errors, manufacturing delays or any unforeseen circumstances.