resolvin convalescence cat


The formulation of Resolvin Convalescence combines Omega 3 (DHA) and Meadowsweet in order to activate the pathway of biosynthesis of the pro-resolving mediators.  It has been shown that the synthesis of pro-resolving mediators assimilates an effect similar to pain relief.  This product can be used in any situation where inflammation can occur and is often considered in support of conditions such as Gingivitis etc.

INGREDIENTS: Micronized chicken meal, glycerine, pregelatinized rice starch, pork-by product, fish oil (Omega DHA) Meadowsweet flowering top, glucose syrup (Dog), sodium chloride.

INGREDIENT VALUES PER PELLET: (Cat)  Meadowsweet  40mg  Omega 3  32mg   DHA  25MG  Vitamin  E  0.6 mg                                           


ADMINSTRATION: CAT  1 pellet per day for  40 days                                                 


PACK SIZE: 30 x 2g  Pellets