SANIMED Renal/Liver/Stones





Urolithiasis of ammonium urate, calcium oxalate and cystine 
SANIMED Renal is suitable for patients that require support in the reduction of urolithiasis of ammonium urate,

calcium oxalate and cystine. The aim is reduce concentrations of stone-forming components in urine and control

the pH of the urine to levels that counteract stone formation. SANIMED Renal meets these requirements

Chronic kidney insufficiency
The basis for the dietary support in dogs with chronic kidney insufficiency is the combined restriction of phosphorus and protein intake with 
a high intake of the omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The additional characteristics of SANIMED Renal are its low sodium content, positive base excess and high level of vitamin E.

Liver insufficiency
The main goal of the diet in liver patients is to help restrict development of encephalopathy. Through the reduction of ammonium urate, calcium-oxalate and cysteine SANIMED Renal also provides support in decreasing protein breakdown in the liver as well as the uptake of ammonia through the colon wall.


Due to the high content of beet pulp in the animal’s diet this stimulates the incorporation of ammonia into bacterial protein in the lumen 
of the colon, thereby allowing less ammonia to get into circulation


  • supports renal function with chronic kidney insufficiency

  • helps reduce the risk of urolithiasis of ammonium urate, calcium-oxalate and cysteine

  • safeguards kidney and liver cells against damaging influences

SANIMED Renal/Liver/Stones is available in packs of 3 kg and 12.5 kg. 

Feeding schedule

The nutrition plan below is an indication of the amount of food to be given. Nutrition plans are based on averages. For this reason always pay close attention to condition your dog and adapt the amount of food accordingly.