SANIMED Renal/Liver/Stones Cat

Supporting the reduction of struvite and oxalate
Chronic kidney insufficiency is often associated with reduced secretion of acids that are formed in metabolism. To

lower the possibility of this SANIMED Renal promotes a neutral urine pH. The risk of struvite urolithiasis is unlikely to

increase because the food is low in phosphorus, magnesium and protein. To reduce the risk of calcium oxalate

urolithiasis SANIMED Renal is low in calcium and glycine (which form the substrate for the synthesis of oxalate).

A suitable kidney diet can only inhibit the loss of nephrons and prolong survival time after diagnosis.


  • helps to reduce the loss of renal corpuscles due to a relatively low phosphorus content

  • supports the filtration function of the kidneys by means of its high salmon oil content

  • helps to limit the amount of urea in the blood through its low protein content

  • restricts high blood pressure, due to its low sodium content

  • assists ingestion of food due to its high palatability

  • helps to reduce the formation of calcium oxalate, due to its low calcium content and higher acidity

SANIMED Renal is available as a complete dry food as well as wet food in a pouch. Both nutritions effectively have the same composition and are fully interchangeable. SANIMED Renal/Liver/Stones is available in packs of 100 gram (pouch), 1.5 kg and 4.5 kg. 

Feeding schedule

Make sure your dog has easy access to fresh and clean drinking water. The daily amount of food should be divided over two or more meals per day. Follow the feeding schedule and adapt the feeding schedule if necessary to maintain the body weight of your dog.

Feeding schedule SANIMED Renal/Liver/Stones dry food