Purell Advanced 700/1200ml Refils

PURELL® Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer gel that contains ingredients made from natural renewable resources. Kills more than 99.99% of most common germs. Green certified. Meets EcoLogo® hand sanitizer standard for environmental leadership and proven performance. Scientifically advanced, patent-pending formulation outperforms other hand sanitizer’s ounce for ounce. Includes a nourishing blend of four skin conditioners. Clinically proven to help maintain skin health.

Nothing is harder on germs or easier on hands

Purell Advanced: An unprecedented combination: Combining both antimicrobial efficacy and clinically proven maintenance of skin health.

· Spearheads a total hand hygiene system that promotes infection control by maximizing compliance

· A breakthrough 'entire practice' formulation with exceptional antimicrobial efficacy

·   A gel that feels great to use and is clinically proven to maintain skin health

Conforms to

·         EN1500 Bactericidal hand wash

·         EN12791 Surgical Scrub

·         EN1040, EN1276, EN13727

·         Virucidal according to EN14476

·         Fungicidal and Yeasticidial according to EN1275

·         Tuberculocidial and Mycobactericidial according to EN14348