Biography Prof. Dr. Anton C. Beynen

Prof. Dr. Anton Beynen’s main responsibility is the Research & Development departmentof Vobra Special Petfoods. He was born in 1953. He is currently professor of Animal Nutrition at the Rajamangala University of Technology, Isan in Sakon Nahkon (Thailand).

Anton Beynen holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition (1977) and wrote a Ph.D.thesis on the regulation of fat metabolism (1981). Anton Beynen has held six chairs. Asa professor at the University of Wageningen(1987-1992), the University of Indonesia(1991-1993) and the University of Utrecht (1993-2007), he has taught basic and appliedanimal nutrition to students of veterinarymedicine and biomedicine. He also, in variousways, researches the influence of diet on dogand cat health

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