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National Black Cat Day 27th October

There are many myths and superstitions surrounding black cats, (apparently if a black cat sits on your front porch it'll bring you prosperity!) But for the team at VetExchange, it's only the well being of our feline friends that matters.

Although Halloween is just around the corner (pretty fitting that we're talking about Black cats!) We wanted to highlight the fact that black cats often have the misfortune of being last in line when finding their forever homes. So at VetExchange we would like to look at two Cat Protection Centres in the UK that are doing just that!

Cats Protection were the original organisation who established National Black Cat Day (previously 'Black Cat Awareness Day'), back in 2011. Recognized as the leading cat welfare charity in Britain, Cats Protection cares for around 200,000 cats and kittens at more than 250 volunteer-led branches and over 30 adoption centers. You can help them to continue their work around raising the awareness of the beauty and plight of black cats by downloading qaa Cats Protection black cat pack, which is filled with National Black Cat Day goodies, or by making a donation on their website.

Another local rescue centre that we are proud to support is Venture Farm Cat Sanctuary. These folks really look after their animals and it was wonderful to see this amazing new site opening last year, which is well deserved. If you are thinking of rescuing a cat in need there is no better centre to visit plus they will tell you all about our new joint venture (no pun intended) where you can join our new SANIMED Pet Food Rescue Centre Scheme. Every purchase of SANIMED food gains a 15% discount (with the centre's code) off our food and provides a 10% donation to the centre. When you visit ask a member of staff for your discount voucher! You can find other ways to help Venture Farm Cat Sanctuary HERE.



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