Liver Support

Supporting the liver’s function in cases of chronic liver insufficiency and where the liver has been compromised. EasyPill Liver contains high levels of Silymarin and Omega 3 shown to have beneficial effects in the aid to liver recovery.

INGREDIENTS: Silibum marianum – 25000mg /kg,, Micronized chicken meal, sorbitol, glycerine, pregelatinized rice starch, pork-by product, fish oil (Omega 3: 26600mg/kg incl DHA: 8200mg/kg and EPA: 12400mg/kg), sodium chloride.

INGREDIENT VALUES PER PELLET: (Cat)  Silymarin  50mg    Omega 3  53mg   DHA 16mg   EPA  24mg                                          


INGREDIENT VALUES PER PORTION: (Dog)  Silymarin  100mg    Omega 3  106mg   DHA  32mg   EPA  49mg

ADMINSTRATION: Dog 0.5 portion per 10kg per day   Cat 1 pellet per day for 3 months                                                                                          


PACK SIZE : DOG Box containing  6  divisible bars  of 28g   CAT  30 x 2g Pellets