kidney support

Supporting the renal function in cases of chronic renal deficiency through the use of microencapsulated calcium carbonate, Yucca binding nitrogen and Omega 3 which 
supports the renal function preventing a decrease in the glomerular filtration rate.

INGREDIENTS: Chicken hydrolysate, microencapsulated calcium carbonate (30%), Yucca Mojave (2000mg), sorbitol, glycerine, pregelatinized rice starch, pork-by product, fish oil (Omega 3 DHA and EPA) sodium chloride

INGREDIENT VALUES PER PELLET: (Cat) Microencapsulated Calcium Carbonate  600mg  Omega 3  12mg  Yucca  4mg 


INGREDIENT VALUES PER PORTION: (Dog): Microencapsulated Calcium Carbonate 1200mg  Omega 3  20mg  Yucca  8mg                                 


ADMINSTRATION: DOG 0.5 portion twice per day per 10kg  CAT 1 pellet per day for 3 months


PACK SIZE: DOG Box containing 6 divisible bars of 28g (7 portions per bar)  CAT 30 x 2g Pellets