Cutania Skin Wipes

A Natural Antiseptic, Degreasing and Whitening Dermatological Wipes for Dogs, Cats, Exotic Animals and Horses.

CUTANIA Skin Control Wipes.jpg

In recent years, topical solutions have become more important in supporting dermatological control, either as a single use topical or as an adjunct. They also allow the wipe to be applied in a localised and direct way, increasing its effectiveness and reducing the possibility of adverse effects. On the other hand, they permit the use of active ingredients that could be toxic at the systemic level. For topical products to be effective it is important that they are well tolerated by the animals and owners; and easy to apply.

Indications: • Supporting the disinfection of skin folds and localised areas of the skin • Preventive cleaning of skin folds: facial, interdigital, vulvar, etc • Cleaning of scrapes, skin erosions or superficial wounds • Cleansing, bleaching and deodorising action on tear stains • Cleaning of ears


Broad spectrum antibacterial and antifungal action.

Provides cleaning, degreasing, drying and bleaching action.

Does not contain antibiotics or corticoids, does not generate resistance.

Resistant and highly impregnated tissue.

Composition: Boric Acid 2% Acetic acid 2% Aloe barbadensis 0.1% Chamomilla recutita 0.1% Hamamelis virginiana 0.1%