SANIMED Testimonials

Our products speak for themselves….

I thought I would write you a quick note to say what an excellent product Sanimed Atophy/ Sensitive is. We have two rescue GSD's who are now four and a half years old and full sisters. We have had the dogs for about 8 months and were having extreme difficulty with them suffering from very unstable tummies to the point where I was cooking each meal individually for them and they were still having to see our vets almost fortnightly. After blood tests and investigations by our local vet we were recommended this food which initially was used inconjucntion with medication and within a day it eased their troubles. The medication stopped after two weeks and they are now going from strength to strength.  They have been on this product for about 10 weeks now.  They look forward to each meal and are now in very robust health.  No more sickness and diarrhea, the dogs sleep better and are generally far more relaxed and enjoy their meal times. Both have put on badly needed weight and the last medical tests they had came back clear. I have been told that the food is totally viable in the long term to provide for all their nutritional needs so I intend to keep feeding it to them. Thank you.  You don't have a product that makes them walk calmly on a lead do you?

Best regards

Lee Murison