Cutania TrisEDTA Wipes

A dermatological wipe with antibacterial action for the care, hygiene and cleansing of skin in Dogs, Cats, Small Animals and Horses.

CUTANIA Tris EDTA Wipes Image VMD.png

In recent years, topical solutions have become more important in supporting dermatological control, either as a single use topical or as an adjunct. They also allow the wipe to be applied in a localised and direct way, increasing its effectiveness and reducing the possibility of adverse effects. On the other hand, they permit the use of active ingredients that could be toxic at the systemic level. For topical products to be effective it is important that they are well tolerated by the animals and owners; and easy to apply.

Indications: • For use in dermatological processes where Gram + and Gram – bacteria are involved. • For use when the increased activity of TrisEDTA is required through the addition of the Benzyl alcohol. • Proven synergistic action of EDTA/Tromethamine with agents that act in alkaline pH (Antibiotics for example). • For cases where a low irritant is required (alkaline pH of 8). • For cleaning superficial wounds or skin erosions. • For the cleaning of ears and pinna.


Innovative formula with synergistic antibacterial effect. – Acts over biofilms

• With Tromethamine/EDTA (Tris -EDTA)

• Demonstrated synergy between Tris-EDTA and Chlorhexidine

• Helps to control micro bacterial growth

• Creates a hostile environment for short term growth of bacteria

• Preserves activity of antibiotics which are inactivated in acid environments

• Textured pattern – Facilitates elimination of detritus and secretions

• Highly safe – Suitable for long

Composition: Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0,1 % Benzyl Alcohol 0,72 % Tromethamine 0,12 % Tromethamine HCl 0,64 % Disodium EDTA 0,06 %