Cutania® Hair Control Conditioner

Cutania Hair Control Conditioner - Websi

Species: Dogs and cats

Composition: Grapeseed oil Flax seed oil Oat hydrolised protein Wheat hydrolised protein Tea Tree Oil Aloe Vera Vitamin E Vitamin A Vitamin D Panthenol Lactic Acid

Presentation: 236 ml

Properties: Nourishes the follicles and hair fibers, promoting a healthy coat growth • Hydrates skin and prevents scaling • Calming, emollient and humectant 

Indications: • Damaged fur or with no gloss • Shedding • Scaling • Maintenance with hydrating action • Ideal complement for treatment shampoos (EJ: chlorhexidine) to restore skin  hydration, strenghthen, condition and make hair glossier

Additional Information: Without any phosphates or parabens • Very pleasant scent