Cat putty

EasyPill Cat Putty provides a highly palatable pliable divisible treat in providing easy administration of  medication for cat owners. Hidden within the treat the tablet attaches itself to the putty and provides a useful aid in administration thereby increasing  treatment resolution.  The acceptability of EasyPill Cat Putty is extremely high with levels reaching higher than 80%. Test performed by Pannelis (European Research Centre) over a qualified panel of 36 cats.

INGREDIENTS: Micronized chicken meal, glycerine, monopropylene glycol, glucose syrup, pregelatinized rice starch, pork-by product, duck fat, sodium chloride.

ADMINSTRATION: Tear small pieces to wrap around  a tablet 


PACK SIZE: Bag of 4 x 10g  bars  Tub of 30  x 10g bars