sanimed cardiac

Improved cardiac function
SANIMED Cardiac has been specifically formulated to support the nutritional requirements for dogs suffering from 
chronic heart disease. With increased levels of taurine and L-carnitine providing support in enhancing heart muscle 
contractions and energy SANIMED Cardiac provides the essential dietary support required to ensure a better quality 
of life. 


  • designed to support the heart function in cases of chronic heart disease

  • supports heart muscle contraction, due to its taurine content 

  • supports energy supply to the heart muscle, due to its L-carnitine content 

  • helps to counteract weight and muscle loss enriched with fish oil

SANIMED Neoplasia/Cardiac is available in packs of 3 kg and 12.5 kg. 

Feeding schedule


The nutrition plan below is an indication of the amount of food to be given. Nutrition plans are based on averages. For this reason always pay close attention to condition your dog and adapt the amount of food accordingly.